13 Effective Interior Photography Tips for Dummies

3. Turn on all the lights

Lighting is a key factor is shooting great interior photos. Open all the shutters or windows, turn on all the lights and switch on under-unit lights in the kitchen. All this light will create a warm atmosphere and provide an inviting light and shade to your shots. Empty rooms will look cosier and reflective surfaces will shine in an elegant way.

You can always increase lighting with a photoflood bulb of high wattage. Make sure to place it behind the camera or hide it in a dark corner to help bounce light off the wall or ceiling. You can even place it outside the window.

Consider the flash function of your camera – take a few shots of the same room with different photos to see which ones work best. Flash is tricky to use as it can easily bleach a shot or flatten it – that’s why you should first try to find a source of light elsewhere.

4. Leading or converging lines

When taking photos of rooms, beds and other furniture, try going from one corner to another corner. Shooting them square on will create a boring composition. During your photo shoot, go for lines from the bottom left of the shot to the top right of the shot. This kind of line will take the viewer’s eyes into the shot.

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