13 Effective Interior Photography Tips for Dummies

5. Follow the rule of thirds

The famous rule of thirds is there to help you compose your images to make them more interesting and engaging. Try to imagine a white rectangle and draw a classic noughts and crosses grid on it – you should end up with 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. Place the central point of interest in your photo on these lines. It could be a lamp or sculpture on the sideboard – locate them on the vertical line and you can be sure to have the horizontal one to keep your shot square.

6. Try different positions

Changing the perspective can turn to be very inspiring during a photo shoot. Prepare a step ladder to take shots from a higher point. You can sit, squat or even lay down on the floor to create a deep shots and interesting angles.

Assume different positions when it comes to your lighting too. Our eyes expect photos to read like a book – from left to right. The left side of the image should be lighter and the right should be darker. Remember that you can always “flip” the photo in your editing software.

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