There are many elements that make a great photo. And there will be as many opinions as there are viewers. However, there are some basic guidelines, which can help you to learn and improve your composition skills as a photographer.

In this guide to composition in landscape photography, we begin with the basic stuff. Further down, we will move on to more advanced but the essential techniques to master composition in photography.


Remember when looking through photos taken by a friend or family member. I guess, if you think about it, with many of the photos, they would need to explain what the photo was about. What caught their interest in the first place.

If you want to improve as a photographer, your first task is to clearly show the viewers what your photo is about. And without needing to tell them with words. The first step is to use a clear focal point in your photos. Ask yourself: “What is the main point of interest that I want to capture?”

Becoming clear on what your focal point is in a photo before you take it will help you think like a photographer. You will be able to make stronger photos that clearly tells the viewer, what the photo is about?

If you take photos without knowing what your focal point is, it becomes very difficult to make great looking photos, except by accident. To create great photos, you need to know what your focal point is – before you press the shutter.


Not to confuse you, but a photo can have multiple focal points (like two points of interest in a photo). Sometimes a secondary focal point can be out of focus, without being a problem. On the contrary, it can make the photo stronger.

When introducing a second focal point in a photo, the story the photo tells often becomes about the relationship between the two focal points.

Using a foreground element, often acts as secondary focal point to a primary focal point further away, like a sunset or mountain range.

When you have chosen the focal point for a scene, you should consider how you can make that focal point stronger. You can do that by using different compositions, perspective, and techniques like depth of field and so on. As you will see in this guide to basic photography composition, there are several techniques or tool you can use to emphasize the focal point and make the photo stronger. Let us begin with the most obvious: Getting closer to your subject.

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