13 Ways to Transform Your Landscape Photos in Lightroom

2. Adjust White Balance

The white balance will also have a big impact on how your photo looks. Of course, you can adjust white balance settings in the camera, but if it’s not quite right you can always adjust it in Lightroom during post processing. You can either warm up the photo, or cool it down.

Also in the “Basic” panel of the Develop Module, Lightroom gives us Temperature and Tint sliders to adjust the white balance. If you’re working with RAW files you’ll have a few presets that Lightroom presents in a drop down menu (daylight, cloudy, shade, etc.). There is also an “auto” setting that is available with both RAW and JPG files.  Of course, you can also adjust the Temperature and Tint sliders manually with both RAW and JPG files.

Let’s take a look at an example photo. The photo below is too cool, especially in the water.

If I move the Temperature and Tint sliders to the right to warm up the photo it looks better.

The workflow presets in Landscape Legend include several presets just for adjusting white balance. You can use these with both RAW and JPG files, and you won’t need to access the dropdown in the Basic panel to use them, saving you some time.

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