5 Solutions for Finding Light in Photography

We’ve all had them. Those moments where we see the cutest, most beautiful, candid photo opportunity and start snapping away, only to be disappointed with the results that show up on the viewfinder. The pictures are too bright, too dark, too shadowy, or too blurry. You have no clue how to fix the problem, and now that perfect moment you were trying to capture seconds before is lost.

Unfortunately, even the best editing tools can’t help some ‘bad’ photos become amazing. Those ‘bad’ photos typically are ones in which the most important part of the photography puzzle—light—was used improperly. If you follow my tips for dealing with the 5 most common lighting frustrations, you’ll be well on your way to capturing more candid moments on the fly without disappointment.

Problem #1: My photos are too bright

Bright sunny days, when the sun is at its highest, can cause the light to not only look uneven, but also can make the light look extremely harsh, and cause your subjects to squint. Your subject is likely facing the sun head on making the light direct and super bright.

The solution: If you can, try to move to the shade. However, if the area you’re in is completely open, it’s best if you position yourself to shoot facing the sun. This will keep your subjects from staring directly into the light and getting all squinty faced. But keep in mind that shooting into the sun could land you with frustration #2…

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