6 Powerful Tips for Prize-Winning Landscape Photography

Landscape photography goes all the way back to the invention of photography. If you’ve struggled with creating great landscapes, or haven’t tried landscape photography yet, this tutorial will provide you with six tips for mastering the technical and artistic aspects of landscape photography.

The definition of landscape photography is quite broad, however a majority of landscape photographs involve a lot of natural scenery, are usually horizontal instead of vertical, and make use of a wide-angle lens for a broad, wide view.

1. Choose The Best Time Of The Day For Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is both rewarding and challenging. Often the success of your landscape photography is dependent on good or dramatic weather. In this section you will learn what time of day is best for landscape photography, and how to maximize that time for the best results.

1.1 Photograph Before Sunrise

While it may not be enjoyable to wake up and leave your house when it’s still dark, creating landscape photos before the sun rises will give you the best chance for success. The reason that professional landscape photographers choose to shoot before the sun rises is because the land gets bathed in a soft and beautiful light.

1.2 Photograph After Sunrise

Don’t go home when the sun has risen! Keep photographing landscapes for another hour or so. Sometimes called the Golden Hour, or Magic Hour, this is when the sunlight is the warmest and softest. Sunlit areas will have a happy feel, while shadows usually have a cool, bluish color.

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