8 Essential Landscape Photography Tips

Be an adventurer

Landscape photography can be frustrating: weather changes unexpectedly; you can’t lug around gear to accommodate every scenario; and you don’t always know what you’ll see until you get there. Embrace the unknown and view each shoot as an adventure! Learning to shoot the conditions that you’re given will make you a better photographer.

Seize seasonality

I’m always researching my next adventure, and I like to plan around the seasons. New England’s got great color in autumn; mountains look fantastic covered in the white-blue of winter snow; and tulip fields show their full glory in the spring. As cliché as all that sounds, landscape photography is all about capturing the best of the landscape in its peak colors, so I’m very happy to stick with classic combos.

If I’m considering an area I don’t know much about, I’ll go to a search site and type in a phrase like “best time of year” and the name of the location. I also poke around in Flickr, or do an image search in Google, to get a rough sense of what others have found at that locale. I usually find tons of handy scoops about the best places to set up my camera with a simple web search, too.

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