8 Signs You’ve Met A Kindred Spirit

Everything in life is made up of energy. As people, we all resonate at various frequencies throughout the day and over the course of our lives.

That experience we have when we automatically ‘click with’ someone is a simple matter of energies matching. Kindred spirits are those people that resonate at our same frequency or level.

Kindred spirits can be found in many forms and almost every type of relationship. They can be a close friend or confidant, a teacher or guide, a member of your family, a partner or lover, a geographic location, or a pet.

While these beings don’t necessarily play a particularly impactful role in our lives (like, say, a spiritual teacher might), they do provide a great deal of comfort and support. Kindred spirits often share personality traits, values, tastes, and interests. They can range from deep and intense relationships, soul mates and soul family, to friendly and encouraging acquaintances.

What’s beautiful about these kindred spirit relationships is how much they can teach us about ourselves and our relationships with others.

Kindred spirits have a way of highlighting our own gifts and potentials. So how can you tell who your kindred spirits are? Your intuition will give you the biggest clue. It often comes in the form of an instantaneous knowing that you have just connected with someone special.

There are other ways to recognize who your kindred spirits are…

Here Are 8 Signs You’ve Met A Kindred Spirit

1. You Share Similar Values

You are likely to share the same political views, religious beliefs, and/or ethics as your kindred spirit. There is always room for difference, you shouldn’t expect to find a clone, but being in the company of a kindred spirit is usually easy. You won’t often disagree with each other about the things that matter most to you.

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