Simple unconventional tricks to capture the best photography shots

3. Taking nice pictures in a busy place

Many tourist pictures are always distorted by other people milling around in the background. You can get good pictures capturing only what you need by following these instructions.

Step 1: Set up your tripod and place your camera on it.

Step 2: Take rapid shots as many as fifteen shots should be okay.

Step 3: On Photoshop extended, open all the images. You can do this by going through file>Scripts>Statistics, select the median and tick the pictures you want to be worked on.

Step 4: Excellent, you will realize that your picture is perfect without people in the background; Photoshop merges the pictures together eliminating those parts that showed people in the background.

4. Camera strap and the GND filter

I am very happy to reveal this particular trick because many photographers out there face this same challenge when taking pictures of landscape. It reduces the intensity of brightness from the sky on your landscape shots.

A GND filter is a piece of glass designed to darken the upper part of pictures due to the dark tint at the upper part of the glass. The dark tint fades away towards the lower part making it possible to take shots without obstructions.

There is another way around using a GND filter, you can use a dark colored piece of paper to create a shade above the lens, and the same results will be achieved with this trick.

I was once faced with a challenge while filming a landscape scene, I was able to get great shots by using the camera strap to darken the upper half of my lens in quick succession to get the shots I wanted.

This will work because of the dark color of your camera strap (please only use a black strap).

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