Simple unconventional tricks to capture the best photography shots

5. Insulation reflector board

This might not qualify as a trick but it is a method to get the right effects for your pictures. When you need to take outdoor portraits, you will be happier with the results if circular reflectors are used to get better lighting. It will be used to redirect the sunlight to brighten up your pictures. Considering getting the best results for a full length shot, you might need to get a bigger reflector for this because the circular reflector will work only for a portrait highlighting the face and shoulders. A full length reflector will cost about $70.

Getting two sides for your reflector- White and Silver.

I observed a very good way to utilize the reflectors for getting both a silver reflection and white reflection. This was done by covering the edges and back with a white duct tape. I tried it and it worked just fine. I recommend getting an insulation board measuring about 4 feet high.

This way you have a portable reflector that can be used to reflect both white and silver effects for your pictures. Interestingly, I have found other uses of this reflector, you might laugh at first but it works. I use it to create an artificial windy scene when I am working with models that have a long hair. All we do is to use this four feet reflector as a fan to get the effect of a windy location where the pictures were taken.

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